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16.06.2015 · As you can see in the documentation of the configuration repository there is a set method on the config repository. So do it like this in a service provider: public function bootConfig::set'app.user',Config::get'mail.user';Put this in the boot method so every binding is present in the IoC container. Laravel configuration allows you to define per-environment configuration with the excellent vlucas/phpdotenv package. If you are new to Laravel, you might not yet know how you can create your configuration files in your projects and a few other helpful things that will help you master configuration.

Teams. Q&A for Work. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Laravel published a global app function, which gives you access to the IoC container, so you can do: app->make'config'->get'fault' This one just worked for me inside app.php. Speed Up Your Laravel App With Config Caching March 07, 2017 / Eric L. Barnes When deploying your Laravel Application, I’m sure you want to fine tune as much as possible to make it.

23.04.2019 · But, Laravel says that foreach has no valid argument, which means that Config::get'languages' returns null. I can't set custom variables in app.php? I can't set custom variables in app.php? laravel. I want to add custom_config.php to app/config directory of my Laravel 5 project, but can't find any article explaining this process. How is this done? 30.12.2016 · The long answer: Config files are loaded before the application is bootstrapped, so there is no Translator class because it hasn't been loaded yet. You should also not be doing that if you plan to cache the config, as you see, it will not work as expected. You can change it at run-time by doing something like this.

Which, while it might be a little messy, works INCREDIBLY well for my task. If there is any other way, anyone might be able to think of to use a facade or a named route form. martinbean changed the title Using `url` helper in config files breaks Artisan Using url helper in config files breaks Artisan Mar 1, 2015. This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view. Copy link Quote reply Contributor arrilot commented Mar 1, 2015. Configs are loaded really early and probably not meant to use anything from the framework except Dotenv. 👍 2 GrahamCampbell closed this. Laravel Mix actually has a preconfigured webpack.config.js file that it references when it runs. If you need to add some custom config, you can pass your additional webpack configuration to the mix.webpackConfig method.

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