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SELECT DATE – EXTRACTDAY FROM DATE1; Select LAST day of Current Month SELECT DATEINTERVAL ‘1’ MONTH – EXTRACTDAY FROM ADD_MONTHSDATE,1; SELECT DATE IN SOME OTHER FORMAT THEN SPECIFIED: To convert STRING to DATE, the string value should be supplied in the exact format as the DATE FORMAT required in output. If the supplied string is in some. Teradata String To Date/Timestamp. Teradata support ANSI Format to convert date/timestamp strings into date / timestamp datatypes. Various character and character strings Metacharacters are available in Teradata which can be used along with TO_DATE / TO_TIMESTAMP functions to convert strings into date/timestamp datatypes. MySQL Date Functions. The functions in this section use a format string that is compatible with the MySQL date_parse and str_to_date functions. The following table, based on the MySQL manual, describes the format specifiers. Teradata TO_CHAR. The Teradata TO_CHAR Function. The Teradata TO_CHAR function can be used to: Convert numeric expressions to character strings; Convert dates, times, interval data types, or timestamps to character strings; Here is an example of a numeric expression argument. It can be any of these data types: BYTEINT, SMALLINT, INTEGER, BIGINT. Commonly used Teradata Date Functions and Examples Last Updated on November 20, 2019 by Vithal S This article is about detailed descriptions and examples of the commonly used Teradata date functions that you can use to manipulate date columns in the Teradata, stored procedure or in embedded SQLs.

DATE format can be converted into SMALLINT, BYTEINT, INTEGER,DECIMALn,m, or FLOAT datatypes. When a date is converted to a numeric,it will be encoded using the following formula: year - 1900 10000month 100day Note: A FORMAT phrase in DATE to numeric conversion may only contain the 9 formatting character. Sorry! Something went wrong on our end. Please try again later. You can use SQLines SQL Converter to convert Sybase ASE CONVERT function to STR_TO_DATE that maps the style to the appropriate format string in MariaDB.

I have a timestamp column yyyy-mm-dd hh:mi:ss, and I need to join it to a normal date field in another table. How do I convert that timestamp to a date format in order to join it? 07.05.2001 · What is the correct sql syntax for retreiving a character month column like 'YYYYMM' from a date ? i try this but no success SUBSTRING EXTRACT YEAR from date convert date to character 'YYYYMM' with substring and extract function - NCR: Teradata - Tek-Tips. Hi, I am using following query to extract Date from the timestamp field. select CASTload_time AS DATE format 'yyyymmdd' FROM TABLE still I am getting output as follows.

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